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BANGKOKTRADERS.COM   for double injection molding services. We can manufacture what you want






APPLICATION YOU REQUIRE, OWN MOULDING, OWN GRAPHICS IN 3D OR 2D, OWN TOOLING, OWN MACHINES, sailicone rubber injection with 2 colours as in a tape measure or level ----NO MINIMUMS.

Car lights and all car plastic parts

We are the manufacturer for the injection moulds and plastic products. We provide a broad range of services to the plastic industry, from design, plastic injection molding, through to final assembly and packaging and based in Bangkok Thailand.

BANGKOKTRADERS has the factory for you for double injection molding and mould making, okus tooling and we can make double colour.


Double Injection can inject two colors or two different materials (ex: ABS and Rubber) in the same mold and process. It means the cost saving is great as its a single operation automatically and presents an excellent base for safety of plastic plus appearance.. Double injection molding or 2-shot molding combines two plastic materials injected into the mold to form a single part with two visible colors. This process allows colored lettering or graphics or just a decorative and stylish appearance to your part. We do have our own graphic screens for chrome painted plastics eg our Hennessey Cognac range.

What we do for foreign based companies & distributors:


  Introduction & conception of product lines

  Implementation of product manufacturing offshore

  Quality control of finished products; own storage in Bangkok

  Direct export—own shipping in Bangkok & China

  Maximize savings between seller & buyer

  This is your ONE STOP turnkey offshore outsourcing website based in Thailand, Taiwan & China.


Advantages of doing business with us:

Bangkok Traders can cater to your varying needs in the field of technology, plastics, metals, machinery and designwork from wood to metals. We outsource offshore for companies in both Thailand, Taiwan and China. We are a western/Thai Company & present clients we represent are in US, NZ, Australia, Russia UK, Ireland, Germany, Singapore and the Middle East and we have delivered excellent results to our customers. We are based in Thailand & China with representation in Taiwan and can provide extremely cost-effective outsourcing offshore for product lines.

Why Outsource offshore in China, Taiwan and Thailand?

We have a natural resource with abundant technically skilled manpower, low costs, labour & government stability, a proven record of quality control & the main thing the cost factor to you. We are the worlds fastest growing offshore outsourcing countries and can have anything made for you whatever your company is seeking at a fraction of the costs back home. Our company has been exporting for over 25 years and we prize ourselves on client satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourcing in Asia:

Thailand offers you English speaking foreign outsourcing expertise. Whatever you want we can make it.

- Large pool of computer literate and English speaking professionals
- Great Information technology skills with Thai, Kiwi, German experts and Chinese partners
- Wide gap between personnel costs in China and Thailand and developed countries.
- Work practices comply with ISO standards.
- Quality standards meet the approval of the world & stable political environment and pro-export government.
- Reliable satellite and good broadband connectivity with the rest of the world.
- Reliable labour supply at a fraction of the costs of the west.
We provide a creative array of solutions from 'concept to implementation' and whatever you need then we can supply.

Outsourcing offshore Partnership

As your outsourcing partner, Bangkoktraders can oversee all your export logistics and expedite trade transactions in the quickest and most economical way possible. We work on behalf of you and expedite the following tasks:

  • Export-Import Documentation
  • Origin to Destination Customs
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Secured Payment
  • Third party goods Inspection
  • Own storage and packing facilities
  • Container procurement direct

Where we work in Asia:

Bangkok Thailand & Shanghai China & Taiwan

Fields of Interest:

From turnkey manufacturing of clothing, handicrafts to precise engineering like car auto parts and accessory lines, motorcycle parts, aircraft engineering componants, plastics from roto molding to injection and double injection molding, alloys and steel structural fabrication for earthquake countries, all types of engineering, fabrication, lathe & specialist inventions.

Working with companies:

We prefer to facilitate long term relationships and supply on a monthly or yearly basis for overseas companies. We can ship 20-30 FCLs per month or more depending on what you the customer wants.

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WE EXPORT: SHIPPING, DOCUMENTATION, SOURCING FOR FOREIGN COMPANIES & Full (FCL) containers to roll on roll off cars to machinery sales worldwide.


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We are an old Asia established company that started onboard before Google---- came on steam & still trading--- this time in middle currency--crypto. Want to know more then ask us.