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Gian Pacific Marketing Ltd is ranked
in the TOP 100 World Business Charts Media/marketing/advertising/entertainment


BANGKOKTRADERS.COM   is the No1 ONE STOP OUTSOURCING SHOP BASED IN THAILAND .. What we do for foreign based companies & distributors: in Assoc with









Qu: Who are we:    Asia Trading Post Co Ltd are  Registered Marketing Export Company & outsourcing company.  We are the marketing wing for various International companies and assist others with marketing their products from product manufacture: US company to axle manufacture and design for an Australian client. Our company markets for factories in China, Taiwan and Thailand.

  Qu: OUR AIM: To increase offshore outsourcing Trade around the global world for companies using our services & initiating effective & economical marketing concepts to meet these ends. We provide a service without any misconceptions that is effective and which allows companies to use inexpensive resources & our marketing company to source clients & boost their sales around the Globe. To provide offshore outsourcing Marketing opportunities for foreign companies in Thailand, Taiwan and China & provide the necessary  services to this end for foreign businesses.

  Qu: WHY USE US We assist exporters/ importers & servicing companies & individuals wishing to outsource offshore to the world as well as sourcing products for foreign companies wanting products that are far more cost efficient than in there own countries.  

Qu: HOW WE DELIVER By providing foreign companies the expertise and efficiency they need in having their goods made abroad as well as the services they may require.  

Qu: PAYMENTS People are very concerned regarding paying for services that the other party may have access to their accounts at will. It is important that our customers Trust us and that they will receive the high service they expect from us in return for what they are paying for. We can send to you our customer list for credibility.  All payments are made by TT transfer for first timers or L of C must be compatible with our Bank in Thailand. We can supply references, referees and Bank credentials on call.  


1/. The ChiangMai Chamber Of Commerce: Reg No: 1282

2/. The Thailand Real Estate Broker Assoc: REBA 4601-175-001

3/. Thailand Tourism Assoc: TAT Licence No: 23-0533

4/. ChiangMai Tourist Business Association  22/1094

5/. Certified Thailand Exporter License holders. (Thai Customs cardholder).

6/. EAN Licensed member of the Thai Federation of Industries.

7/. We assist and promote one of the TOP Law Offices in Chiangmai & Bangkok: www.chiangmailaw.com so please if you have a problem contact Sumalee Jennapa LLB    (00-66) 053-410-174

8/. We own and operate the ONLY Trader News magazine: Chiangmai Trader News

. 9/. Our other business is Real Estate: www.chiangmairealty.com & www.bangkokrealty.biz 

10/. Trading website: www.asiatradingonline.com  Qu: HOW DO YOU GUARANTEE PRODUCTS WHEN WE PAY As our company is fully licensed in Thailand we must abide by the rules set by the Thailand Customs ( we Registered Exporters) especially with exports as well as EAN the Federation of Thai Industries of which we are a  member of. It is not within our interests should we not deliver goods to our customers or for instance keep payment from our clients. We do provide money back guarantees and if you send more money for consignments that we cannot fulfill we do return that monies left over or if ongoing business will setup in our Company account at 3% interest and return when you want or use on the next consignment. We are also registered VAT tax holders and are liable under Thai laws to comply to all transactions & fulfill our obligation contracts. Should there be a dispute we allow referee via our law Office and or nominee law Office to mediate.

Qu: WHAT ABOUT MACHINERY SALES Our main buyers are in the UK and USA, NZ & Australia. We can send worldwide the machinery you buy from our sources. We can refurbish before sending and invite you to inspect. We also can buy for you from auctions and act on your behalf. ROR we can now assist with.

Qu: SHOULD ONE BUY OFF UNREGISTERED COMPANIES? No. You have no comeback for return of monies & you purchase at your own risk. Entirely up to you but many are not tax paying Thai Companies. Some internet websites in Thailand are brokerage fronts who are not true manufacturers with Thai Limited Companies. Please ask them for their status before paying monies over. It is illegal for foreigners in Thailand to use Internet websites as this is deemed work as well as income. If you pay and not receive your goods you have no guarantee to receive a refund or goods so only use licensed Companies for all purchases. If in doubt ask your nearest Thai Embassy or Commerce dept in your country. Qu: CAN WE PAY BY CREDIT CARD? Yes we will have this facility soon & we have the necessary facilities. TT transfer is our other means of payment and works well with 4 - 7 days clearance; or telex or L of C on sight. You cannot pay by cheque as it takes 60 days to clear here.

Qu: WHAT OTHER WAYS TO ENSURE SAFE PAYMENT? We have facilities whereby you can pay into an escrow account at our Law Office or Bank of Bangkok. This--- you the customer can set up yourself. When the goods are sent and Bill of Lading complies then monies are released to us. This ensues total transparency.  The fee is 2000 baht per transaction and depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Qu: WHAT IF THE PRODUCTS DO NOT ARRIVE: We insure or you can arrange this with your consignments your end. There is a $150 limitation on seafreight cargo. We always send tracking number of your shipment so you can follow. If we do not abide by our policies you have every right to file a complaint to your nearest Thailand Embassy. It is not in our interests as we lose more than you.  We do have an honest name and good standing as an exporter.

Qu: SHOULD I DO EXPORTS WITH THAI COMPANIES WHO DO NOT HAVE AN EXPORT LICENSE: No. But again if you lose don't blame us! as we just told you. Qu: WHAT ABOUT INSURANCE: We insure or you can arrange this with your consignments your end. Most goods FCL if packed right do not need to be covered but again over to you. look at 2.5% of the value of when insuring your goods and breakables.  

Qu: THAILAND EXPORTS: Please note clothing items to all EU and USA require quota payments which must be made in Thailand before sending. All mail DHL, Fedex etc is now opened and copied items of clothing are now not allowed to be sent out in breach of copyright infringements. Quotas are due to expire in January 2005 so this is the time to be ready to bring in those most needed items you have been waiting for. Qu: EXPORTING SERVICES: We cannot guarantee shipping rates stay the same and we will change if any shipping or rates change on the spot. At the moment insurance charges are changing & we reserve the right to change quotations should this occur. Please note all quotations are given on an on the spot. USA you cannot export food or cosmetics unless the Thai Company has joined the FDA in the USA. If you send you lose the whole FCL. Check your regs in your country before you buy. Qu: EXPORTING: All freight forwarders offer on spot quotations which will vary if any changes to government fees or other unforseen circumstances. Again we reserve the right to change quotations with these added expenses as and when they occur. We now have the ability to book our containers direct off the shipping lines for our customers. In USA now each additional item in a FCL the price for that FCL increases. Qu: SOURCING & QUALITY CONTROL: For all foreigners using our services we can act as buying agents for you; source anything in Thailand for you and do the packing and shipping. We now have our packing facilities in Bangkok and we access our own FCL containers. It is vitally important to have someone oversee all your consignments and we can do this and guide you.

Qu: BUYING: Yes we even buy on your behalf. Our charges are 10% commission on products purchased but we can find the factories and offer a better buying rate then you can

Qu: BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY: We charge 1500 baht a day to take you to the factory shops and factories you wish to buy. We also find prior to you coming here and make the arrangements for you to meet the owners. This allows you to feel at home working with us and us with you. If you wish to conduct your own buying but want us to repack and ship we can do. It is entirely up to you. We arrange pickup at your Hotel and have Thai English speaking guides.

Qu: HOW DO I ARRANGE TO BUY: Just email to us prior to coming to Thailand. This then allows us time to find the right places for you so you do not waste your time. We feel 2 days is ample to get the right products once we know exactly what you want. For factories we must make appointments and please note many clothing shops do not allow foreigners to inspect. Most factories are guarded secrets. Qu: CAN YOU ARRANGE HOTEL Yes we can arrange for you to stay in a Hotel according to your budget or even a condo for 800 baht per night in Nana Soi 4 Sukhumvit which is close to everything yet peaceful and off the street. Safe and secure or Hotels in this area like Landmark Hotel, Marriot, Nana Hotel etc. Qu: CREDIT REFERENCES: If you are worried about our credit please note we are members of various Thailand Business Associations and we credit ourselves that we stand by our Business exports and payments or money back guarantee. We are partners in a Thailand Law Office / Real Estate / Publishing / export-trade businesses and we can furnish references of exporters and reputable shipping companies who use our services & us theres.  All first time exporters our terms are solely TT transfers.


Qu: NON DISCLOSURE: We always have a contract and nondisclosure contract with both the client and the factories we use. This allows protection for each party as well ensuing that your protects are not copied.
If you have a problem or require further information please email bangkok@pobox.com 

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WE EXPORT: SHIPPING, DOCUMENTATION, SOURCING FOR FOREIGN COMPANIES & Full (FCL) containers to roll on roll off cars to machinery sales worldwide. We do NOT ship LCL cargo.






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We are an old Asia established company that started onboard before Google---- came on steam & still trading--- this time in middle currency--crypto. Want to know more then ask us.